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Singles who claim to value intellect over looks are popping up on dating profiles from Tinder to OkCupid. But what does being a “sapiosexual” really mean?

You know what’s hot? Intelligence. “Brains are the new tits!” shouts a t-shirt slogan I saw recently. It also happens to appear on a facebook page . Because, yes, there is indeed a word for desiring smart people: sapiosexuality. And “sapiosexual” has become an increasingly common way of identifying oneself on dating sites and apps to emphasize intelligence as an essential criterion in what can often be a superficial, looks-obsessed world. Continue reading “BRAINS,THE NEW TITS”

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FACEBOOK SCAMS-fake fixed matches.

I was supposed to review my school notes for my end year exams today but there’s a more pressing issue.

I have noticed alot of scammers on Facebook who dwell in Macedonia and Greece posing as middlemen for the sales of acclaimed fixed matches.

There are so many of them on Facebook and I’ll tell you how they operate based on my research.

They start up by setting up a fan page on Facebook and start giving out free predictions with high odds while asking for likes and shares. Whenever a prediction is lost, they quickly remove the post from the page. After atleast three succesive wins based on analysis, they start to ask for a fee ranging from 50euros to 300euros per tip. Note that such matches have very high odds. Continue reading “FACEBOOK SCAMS-fake fixed matches.”

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Yesterday, a certain dude shared a sad story of how he was scammed of trying to buy a Blackberry Q5 on OLX. He parted with Kshs.24,000 but never got the device.

My main issue with the OLX model is that they lay all the burden of verification on the user. For one, business is conducted outside of OLX (by phone or email) so there’s no way of tracking user activity. Another issue is with how OLX handles payments – it’s riky business. On eBay for example, PayPal is the arbitrator. First the buyer pays, PayPal confirms to the seller that payment has been received, PayPal keeps the money “on hold”, seller ships item, buyer confirms receipt and satisfaction and then seller’s account is credited. Continue reading “5 RED FLAGS OF OLX/PATAUZA/STARCLASSIFIELDS SCAMS.”

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Nothing Lasts Forever and that’s Perfectly Alright..

A wise man once said, life is a series of partings and I couldn’t agree more.

Dear old friend,

I hope this finds you well wherever you are. I hope the you finally achieved what you’ve always been dreaming of, or at least you are close to that. This is to all my friends that i have lost over the years, those that left or those that we drifted apart, those who never did, those that we check in on each other once in a while and to those that your contacts are still on my phone and somehow i haven’t come around to deleting them yet.

There are times i sit and realize how Continue reading “Nothing Lasts Forever and that’s Perfectly Alright..”

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Money mistakes in 20s that will leave you in crippling debt in future…

When you’re 22 you make a few mistakes, the greatest of them all is thinking you’ll never grow old. Thinking that time is on your side, that somehow it will never run out.

So you end up wasting time and money chasing your tail, having a good time. You forget to plan your family, your relationships, your money and your future. Continue reading “YOUNG BILLIONAIRES {FORMULA ONE}”

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Everytime I seem to look up, a bird shits on me..

Why does the world build you up with so many expectations that you have to withhold? Why do we have to have lots of friends? Why do we have to like certain music and certain people? Why are we not allowed to disagree or argue with people? We always have to be so fucking polite. It’s annoying. Just say what’s on your bloody mind already. I LIKE having differences and I LIKE being told the truth. Continue reading “Everytime I seem to look up, a bird shits on me..”

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1. Wedding is a day but marriage is a lifetime.
2. A stingy man who is single will still be stingy when married.
3. Silence can never be misquoted.
4. If you want what no one has had, you must do what no one has done.
5. When God wants to bless you, he puts a person in your life. When Satan wants to destroy you, he puts a person in your life.
6. It is better to be single and alone than to be married to the wrong person.
7. Avoid a contentious woman. Continue reading “WISDOM 4… SINGLES 4 MARRIAGE”

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It’s time for a throw back!! *moonwalks into post* It’s been 5 days since I splashed my crazy on the World Wide Web ..5 days; wow. I was meant to make this post on Wednsday.. but I was robbed of my time at gunpoint by this thief Procrastination. Anyway its Thursday..Throwback theme…  I am here now and let’s go back in time, shall we?

Remember a time when we had VCRs not Blu Ray and VCDs that had part A and B,and cassettes were rewinded using Biro pens? You remember?  If you don’t, you are too young son! I saw a picture on someone’s Instagram that made me so nostalgic of these simple times and I decided to go through these memories. Plus the news about the launch of kid’s condoms in Kenya , really broke my heart . Kids’ condoms, what an oxymoron. Continue reading “tIMELINE oF A 90s cHILD”

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It’s happened again. That black hole that encompasses you fully and shakes you about whilst you cry and scream for help has returned. It’s sad really, that we can’t be happy all the time but that is reality. And yes, reality is a bitch. I don’t know why it’s here but it is and sometimes it feels okay and the black hole shrinks into a tiny spot that hurts just now and again, but then it grows, mainly at night, and you can’t ignore it, all you can do is cry and hurt until it shrinks enough for you to live your normal life. That black hole lives within many of us and it grows and shrinks with us. Maybe we control the black hole but maybe we don’t. It’s easier to think we control it but when it’s screaming at you it doesn’t feel that way. Continue reading “the BLACK HOLE IS BACK…”

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Can we have happiness without sadness?

This one is hard because the real question here is: are our emotions separate emotions or are they based on comparisons? I presume you can be happy without sadness but you wouldn’t know the feeling you experience is happiness, if that makes sense. Happiness is an elating feeling that makes you smile and laugh. So technically you could still be happy without sadness, however we wouldn’t be able to feel as much happiness, as we wouldn’t realise that there could be a different circumstance that causes sadness so we wouldn’t cherish happiness as much. Perhaps happiness would just become being content or something expected in everyday life. In conclusion, happiness would lose meaning but it could still exist.  Continue reading “QUESTION OF THE DAY”