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The “Biz-chair”



Ever wondered why our economy is been run by school drop-outs?Take a look at our political arena:the government-MPS and MCAS. The law makers are the law breakers. Anyway maybe along the way they were the biz-chairs we hear of in this 21st century. We have to give kudos to the biz-chairs of this century!Why do I refer to them as biz-chairs?


Firstly,we don’t have a crystal ball,but we know that energised entrepreneurs with smart and great ideas are worth watching .To them profit is king,they figure out what people need and build it,work harder than you ever thought possible to create ideas with staying power.


This honorees are hacking how you sleep,shop and listen to music .They are making your shoes comfortable,helping your kids learn efficiently,providing loans for your business,and serving hearing-impaired people in the developing world.


They are innovators,disrupters,and dreamers-and they are just getting started.They are very good company among our alums,and we look forward to shamelessly bragging,”we knew them when”


On a light note i will enlighten you on their qualities which has made them successful entrepreneurs. You wanna be a successful biz-chair?You can’t afford to miss on this qualities;


An unwavering passion.

The advice to do what you love has become a bit of a clinche. Everyone says,”find your passion”but that is easier said than done Being an entrepreneur demands commitment and dedication-more than most jobs do,I’d argue .If  you are ambivalent or mildly enthused about your  product or service,that is not going to sustain you through the highs and lows that will inevitably occur. If you find something you love enough to want to share it with others,that love will fuel and give you purpose.



They never forget how much they can learn from others. They ask for advice just as I do!They are flexible.tehy soak up the best practices around them like a sponge.fear of failure may can make it easy to grip onto your vision with an iron fist,but rigidity won’t serve you.


The desire to be an expert.

Entrepreneurs like a challenge .If they didn’t they would probably have chosen another line of work .But as exciting as it is to consider a new field,high achieving ‘prenuers  know the benefit of staying in the same industry for a while  are immense.When you spend years in the same industry you learn its history  thus you can move forward. In the meantime, you will build a network of relationships to support you in your future endeavours,especially when the times are lean.


A forward looking approach.

They are always thinking ahead . They may stray from their roadmap,and that is okay,but they have one in mind. Having a clearly established set of goals will keep you from getting stuck. Your goals may be constantly evolving,but if you wont know where you want to go,chances are you won’t get anywhere.


Constant flow of ideas.

Having one project that is doing great well is great.But the successful biz-chairs I know don’t rest on the laurels.Instead, they are constantly asking themselves,”what’s next?”they understand being a successful entrepreneur is a lifestyle choice,not a destination.




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