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Your symptoms appear to be those of fungal infection,something you might have picked up at thegym,pool or shared shower rooms. You could also get it when having a pedicure if the salon does not keep strict hygiene standards. Treatment can take months to work as it takes this long for new infection-free nails to grow back.

You could use an anti-fungal cream or varnish your nails,or for a natural option try rubbing a drop of two of neem{murumbaine} or tea tree oil onto your nails once or twice a day. Using rubbing alcohol on your nails daily can also be effective for mild infections .If its a severe infection,you may need to see a doctor who will probably recommend anti-fungal tablets,which you would have to take for months and there can be side effects. There is also a chance they may not work.Try typical anti-funga lcreams and gels before resorting to tablets.

The moist and humid enviroment in shoes especially walking or exercise shoes you can worsen the problem so barefoot at home as often as you can.Wear open shoes as much as possible,especially when the weather is hot.

Wear flip flops in gym and other public showers and always dry your feet well. Replace your old shoes too as they may be contaminated with fungal spores and could cause re-infection. If you use public showers like in a gym or school dormitory and you have noticed people with the infection ,use anti-fugal powder each time after showering and drying your feet throughly.Dust the powder between the toes and under the nails.Also keep your toenails short all the time.




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