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As in the norm,most people are busy drafting all the healthy habits they are adopting in the new year. Some want to start eating eating healthier,others want to start going to the gym and others ant to start going to church. People get so caught up in all those things they should start doing forgetting what they should stop doing. I have taken to myself to come up with five habits men need to stop when dealing with women come next year. Here we go!


First is the lazy dater. Men who mistakenly believe that chivalry and courting are old fashioned,and unnecessary tactics of impressing the woman they desire. The passiveness and casualness with some men approach dating in this country is annoying.


The lazy dater is the man who thinks taking a lady to noisy bar is a romantic date. Or that flowers and gifts are for only one day in a year-valentine’s day. Or that picking your date from her door step and dropping her back is too much work .

And the most irritating bunch is this that comprise men who think just because they bought a lady a meal or a bottle of beer,they have a right to ask,sorry,demand for sex in return! Let string attached gifts and gestures be a thing of the past.


Ladies hope that Mr. Cheapskate will be a thing of the past. This for lack of tasteful word,creature is a pain in the butt. There are many things men do that drive a woman up the wall,but nothing compares to dealing with a cheapskate. A stingy man who would rather die than part with a penny. Men who are so frugal they always want to go Dutch with their dates. Seriously,which proper man takes a woman to a date and asks her to pay half the bill?

A relationship must cost you something ,for men it is money and time,and that is too much effort for you as a man,then you should probably keep off dating and live alone on some wretched island. There is no such a thing as a free date or dating on a budget,you are either all in or keep off!


If you have ever been confronted with a barrage of insults after turning a man down,you know how infuriating it is. Some men do not take no for an answer and will hit you with whatever they have go if you turn them down,even if you were polite about it. it is very immature for a man to turn hostile just because a woman does not reciprocate his feelings!


And keep off salons,men go back to the basics and stop traumatising your women with your perfectly manicured nails and soft plus supple hands that cannot fix anything even a bulb! Stop being inconsiderate bedroom partners in 2015. Ignorant men who do not know a thing about pleasing a woman,who believe they are a God’s gift to women yet they have never given a woman an orgasm! They jump up all over the place,clumsily tough here and there and roll over,claiming they are done. Guys please be considerate lovers in 2016,do not make assumptions,or believe that pornography with all its misguided misogynistic theories is the truth. Instead try listen to your woman for change.

Also acquire some bedroom etiquette,try and smell good and please bath before demanding conjugal rights. Finally,enough with the daily parting,be a little cultured and learn to enjoy the company of your lady and indulge her in some deep and intelligent conversations!





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