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In days gone by,no mother ate without serving her brood first,and no self respecting father sat down to eat without ensuring his children were well fed.

Those who partook of fermented brew were generous to their children to a fault. They would arrive home at midnight carrying goodies and insist of waking up the children! People of a certain generation recall eating with daddy with their eyes half open as the proud father urged them to have some more saying,”eat,my children ,eat! You will only suffer when am dead!” or something to that effect.

Children were taught to share, that being frugal was a virtue and gluttony gross. The norm was that kids were served the kids were served one piece of meat, or chicken and it was not uncommon for a family of ten to share two for dinner.

Parents led by example. In many communities, the man of the house was served the back of the chicken and the gizzards, which are not the meatiest or choicest of meats. The practise, also, was to welcome the passer-by , including the village mad man to meal.

The gluttony common today ,where a family of four sits down and tears a whole goat into pieces and wolfs down three roast chicken, a kilo of fried liver in one sitting, was unknown.

But such families can be forgiven, for they are after all eating their own sweat. What is shameful, criminal, sinful and unacceptable is the greed that has permeated the political class and the executive arm of government. It is immoral when people who peasants struggles to educate through hardship turn into wolves and scavengers chomping down every bit of tax available as the rest of the population wallows in poverty.

The greed with which elected leaders are stealling public money in government and national and county assemblies causes one to reflect on former First Lady`s in famous refrain: who is their mother? Parents are not living by example or teaching their children right and wrong.




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