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The job market is a wash with too many skilled graduates competing for scarce employment opportunities sadly, while a lot of efforts are expanded in enabling graduates acquire academic certificates , a society does not seem to have answers with regards to getting jobs.

A lot of factors have contributed to the destruction of many would be great careers .Some of these include poor dress code to interviews where individuls miss out on packaging themselves well to ensure they clinch the job .Why do candidates fail in dressing appropriately for interviews?Ignorance tops the list where some job seekers do not even understand the meaning of official wear.

It is important to not that dressing inappropriately for an interview is normally interpreted as rude and disrespectful by the panellists. Having a carefree attitude is another factor that contributes to inappropriate dressing by candidates.Some candidates simply wear whatever is available regardless of where they are headed to , to the detriment of their chances of landing their dream job.

Then , whats the appropriate way to dress for an interview? Conservative formal dress code is universally accepted as the official interview dress code.It should be noted that , it is better to be safe than to be sorry and all efforts must be directed at creating the ideal candidate to the interview panel. A candidate must focus on preparing well for an interview, by factoring in both physical and mental preparedness.thCAEQKCVF

Mental preparedness includes calmness,confidence, positive attitude and mental clarity.It is not wise to walk into an interview room when feeling clumsy as this is good fodder for a goof. Mental preparedness guarantees a candidate of good attentiveness,listening skills and of course proper tackling of the interview process.

Facial wear is another area that must be taken care of by those who hope to succeed in an interview , ensure that the hair is conservatively smart .For gents ,a short well cut hair coupled with well cut beards will definitely impress the pannelist.For women, avoid dyeing your hair , brown or black is good .Avoid screaming colors.The hair style should always be conservative, making a push back the ideal interview hairstyle.

When it comes to the attire ,again a conservative aproach is recommended where dull coloured suits are more preffered to bright ones. Suits are recommended but if the weather does not permit ,long sleeved shirt can be worn with a smart official tie .Oversize and undersize official clothes should be avoided at all cost .Torn ,creased or too old suits have no place in interview rooms ,it is better to borrow than show up while looking like you have been fished from a hole.

The choise of shoes to wear to an interview is also an area most negleted by job seekers .Gents should wear well polished conservative coloured shoe like black or brown. Sneakers and open shoe should be avoided at all cost.The ladies are the most notorious in wearing trendy shoe to an interview room .An ideal shoe to an interview should be closed toed,not more than 1-2 inch heel.

To understand how to properly dress for a particular interview ,the services of career coach ,a mentor or counselor can be sort. Remember first impression counts and dressing appropriately is the way to go!!




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