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Whether it’s a friendly kiss on the cheek or a full-on make-out season,kissing is one of life’s greatest natural pleasures. While a good kiss can increase the feeelings of a intimacy and love you have for your partner,a bad kiss can potentially be a deal breaker in matters of romance.Don’t panic though-even the most inexperienced people have the potential to become masters of the art of lip locking.

Setting up the kiss

Prepare your lips

Keep your lips relaxed and open slightly to let your partner know that you are ready to kiss.

Avoid puckering or pursing them,as this will send the wrong message and make the kissing physically difficult

Tackle dryness with chapstick or by licking your lips slightly. Ladies ,try using chapstick or lip balm rather than lip gloss,as lip gloss can be sticky,while chapstick can make your lips irrestibably soft,shiny and tasty.

Freshen your breath

Importance of good oral hygiene cannot be underestimated when it comes to kissing is a pretty terrible turn-off.

To avoid remember to floss and brush your teeth before your date and keep a small packet of mints on your person throughout the evening,so you can quickly pop one in your mouth as soon as things start to heat up.

Set the mood

Let your partner know that you want to kiss her/him by maintaining eye contact and smiling. Be a little flirtatious,and break the ‘touch barrier’. Touch barrier is when you and your partner have never actually made physical contact!

Be confident in yourself

Being calm and confident can give your kissing skills the boost they need. Confidence is very attractive.

Lean in for a kiss

when you are ready and you think the moment is right,take a step closer to your partner and lean in for a kiss. If you want to add to the roamnce,you can do something intimate like touching your partner’s face or brushing the hair out of their eyes right before you lean in.

Close your eyes

sometimes in the nervousness leading up to a first kiss,you can forget to close your eyes. This is bad for reasons: it probably means that you are overthinking things.closing your eyes allows you to relax,let go of your inhibitions and just enjoy the moment!




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