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Perfecting an open-mouthed kiss

Open your mouth a little bit

Once you have been kissing without tongue for a bit,it’s time to take it to the next level. Lock lips with your partner so that his or her bottom lip is in between your two lips and then open your mouth slightly to signify that you are ready to French kiss. Open your mouth subtly and seductively.

Continue to kiss open mouth but without tongue for a while.

Before you begin to French kiss,spend more time kissing open-mouthed to slow ease your way into a more passionate kiss. If you are having trouble finding a kissing rhythm,try mouthing the word ‘peaches’,this way may help you to find a rhythm with your partner. You can also try mouthing the word ‘ma’

Use a little bit of tongue.

Start off gently at first,moving your tongue into the front of your partners mouth. Avoid immediately jamming your mouth too far into his or her mouth, as this can be a major turn off. Move your tongue slow,fluid movements around the others person’s tongue and allow them to reciprocate before going any further.

Use a little more tongue

If both of you feel comfortable with the deepened kiss,you can move your tongue deeper into your partner’s mouth and begin massaging their tongue with yours. Slow and playful motions with your tongue can be arousing and will help you deepen the kiss. Allow your tongue to travel around your partners mouth and make circles around your partner’s tongue.

Adjust to your partner’s style of kissing.

Part of being a good kisser is being able to adjust to the style of kissing that of your partner likes. Try different things while you kiss your partner and see how they react. For instance you could try using a bit more tongue, or “tongue wrestling” with your partner’s tongue.

Try not to knock teeth

One thing that can take a bit of romance out of a kiss is knocking teeth together. When making out ,try to keep your mouth out of the way by titling your head to different angles. Don’t open your mouth too wide,or it may become easier accidentally knock teeth.

Consider sucking on your partner’s bottom lip.

Try gently [emphasis on gently] biting and sucking your partner’s lower or upper lip. If done correctly,this can be a major turn-on for the other person.

Use your hands

Place your hands gently on your partner’s waist ,shoulders,face,or neck if they are not there already. If things get heated up,grab your partner harder and move your hands one body part to the other. Using your hands on your partners shoulder or neck you can communicate things like “come closer”, “I liked that” or “more”

Kiss other parts of your partners body

This also entails been a good kisser. Trail kisses across your partners face and down his or her neck or shoulder. Make sure you are not trailing saliva across your partners neck. Keep this sort of kisses dry but intimate.

Be passionate

The more excited you are about the kiss,the more excited your partner will be. You should be completely present in the moment and try to avoid letting your mind wander to other things. Allow yourself to relax,don’t spend the entire time wondering what the other person is thinking-go with the flow and have fun! For instance, if your phone rings don’t pick it. That will make your partner think that you were uninterested in the kiss.




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