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I salute you. Thanks for checking in as you have always. Welcome and enjoy this piece.

All my life I’ve tried to be perfect and I have now created guidelines on how to succeed:

  1. Be realistic and accept that you will NEVER EVER EVER BE perfect because wanting to be perfect is just going to make you crazy.
  2. Smile. Smile when you are happy,sad,angry,bored,confused and most importantly when you are around old people.
  3. Be nice to people you don’t know or care about. For instance,open the door for a stranger or compliment someone in the street{ and don’t forget to smile}
  4. Laugh at jokes that aren’t funny to make the joke teller feel awesome.
  5. Do your hair and makeup like you are a model{i can’t help with this am afraid, but remember to be unique but not too crazy}
  6. eat a healthy diet and exercise like stupid perfect people do.
  7. Dont get offended by any comments that anyone says to you because YOU ARE PERFECT AND THEY ARE JEALOUS.
  8. Be smart but not obnoxious because obnoxious smart people are the worst like come on don’t be a dick.
  9. Do what you want to do as long as its nice and friendly plus its normal.
  10. Realise that being perfect is hard work and actually sucks ass and you could be spending your time doing better things like eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and watching netflix or reading a good book to design your future. Like seriously, trying to be perfect is over-rated anyway, just be you…haha

I hope you enjoyed my guidelines but all I can truly truly advise you on is to be yourself and if you do all you’ll shine like the stars. You are all perfect in your unique way and I hope you believe that.

Nice time my perfects.

Until next time…xoxo..Joseh the blogger.



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