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Safest bet- episode 2

Episode 2

Hello internet people. Hope you doing happy you just checked in once again,welcome to today’s episode. Feel free to check my other episodes and weekly posts just on the sidebar under my recent posts. Remember also to share this piece with your friends on face-book,twitter and instagram just right below the article under the share buttons. Thanks again. On our today’s episode we will focus on our luo guys-GOR-MAHIA fans. Scroll down the piece and enjoy.

Why wed Otieno.

Every hopeless romantic woman should find herself a lakeside Alejandro. This is the sweetest,most romantic guy that will ever cross your path. A luo man will talk to you like you are the queen of the fish. Like you have the treatment for water hyacinth. Otieno is a great listener and amazing lover. And by lover I mean making love like it is in his genetic make-up might not have the wealth but his personality is rich. So if you are into social men, you will never have a dull moment even if you are sleeping hungry.

Laughter and love will never fade in your house. Another pro is that 70% of luo men have really nice bodies-TDA. Tall,dark and athletic fellows. More sick packs than a bar’s beer shelf. If that’s your cup of tea. You know where to search. As fathers,lo men are very hands on and personal. They laugh with their children and ask about their day hence develop strong bonds with their kids. Generally,a luo homestead is full of life.

Cons: Most luo men enjoy women. Many women. You are likely to find out that he is very generous with his romance. From the big assed women in the club to that house help in your house. Another sad fact is that most otienos will always choose luxury over rationale. Don’t be surprised to find his range rover parked outside an apartment he pays rent for instead of mortgage. But if you enjoy the finer things in life,I suggest a few squats and ticket to Homabay.




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