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Safest bet-episode 3

Episode 3

Jambo. Picture a rock. A really steady rock. Got it? Yeah? That is the best explanation of how women see Maasai men. They are stable in every kind of way. You are not likely to find him practising twerkism with a 19 year old in Westlands on a Saturday night. Nor will he be hangover on Sunday morning when you want to go to church. He would rather have his whisky in the house and complain about politicians in the house with his friends on weekends. He won’t cheat on either unless….you don’t know how to milk a cow,then you are in trouble my friend.

Leshan won’t shout at you or ask you for threesomes in bed. He is stable and steady in every kind of way. Quiet and behind the scenes in the public. His only need is that you take care of him in the traditional sense: cooking,cleaning,thatching a hut,jumping a metre high while dancing. {just kidding or am I} another advantage is the genes that these men will pass on your children.

Breeding with a Maasai man is almost a guarantee of adorable babies especially when mixed with another tribe. One other thing I got from a few women is that they are well…Um mm..hang. Aha. I can neither confirm neither confirm nor deny this but if you can handle cucumbers, I suggest you search ‘how to milk a cow on you tube {literally and figuratively…lol} then brace the floods and head to Narok. They also make excellent dads. Very strict,responsible and traditional with how they raise them. Don’t expect divorce for any reason. They practically invented..’till death do us apart.’

Cons: Stability can get boring. If you want forever, don’t expect any romantic gestures or extreme passion in bed. Leshan is too safe and too traditional that a girl who loves adventure and risks will enjoy him as much as she would enjoy watching paint dry. Plus, I don’t think there are enough Maasai men to go around . Sad . Tyranny of Mara.

A wise man once said. “Women lie men..figures don’t lie”

Okay,you got me, it was Lil Wayne but he had a wise point. I am not saying every man in these tribes have these characteristics or there no good men in any other tribes but,statistics have shown this information is extremely credible. Look at me acting all steadmanesque. Lol. On real thought, marry whoever you feel suits you best. Forever is too long a time to base your decisions on my blog.

Until next time..xoxo..Joseh the Blogger.




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