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Basically, as you know, I’m really bad at writing this blog and I always seem to start posts without finishing them. My problem is I’m lazy and unmotivated. I do this thing at night where a basically write a blog post but in my head instead of on here because I’m too lazy to convert it to proper words on a screen. But I am here now! There are many things we need to discuss so let’s get started!

Firstly, I seem to always set of security alarms in mama mall, WHY?!?! I do not appreciate being stopped by security like I am some sort of thief! Let me tell you, if I am walking into a store and the security alarm goes off, I’m not stealing anything! How can you steal something on the way in? If I was going into the store I’d stolen from with a stolen item, I would not be going to university because I’d be stupid. I think I have found the culprit that is doing this however… It is hopefully this tiny barcode sticker which contains a tiny piece of foil located inside my laptop bag. If I beep again I’m going to get the security to search everything because this is not okay.

Secondly, I have recently watched all four seasons of prison break within the space of about 3 weeks. Yes, this is not advisable as it seems like the world has stopped spinning and you forget to actually go outside and have a life, but it is just that addictive. It was the best thing I’d ever seen, I highly recommend it! It is basically a film in every episode and it’s so smart, it keeps you on your toes the whole time. I had started to write a blog at the beginning of the year about gossip boy and how amazing that was and it was, but in a different way to this. Just go watch them both… NOW. This makes me seem extremely sad watching so much Netflix but what else do you do when it’s always cold and dark and raining?

Something that is bothering me: I’m too anxious. Every morning I get a funny feeling in my belly and feel sick just as I’m about to go to campus because I’m anxious about it. You see, I get anxious about stupid little things that I know I definitely shouldn’t do. For example, I got crazy nervous and worked up about asking my lecturer to leave class early because I had an appointment. What the hell?! I fear life like it’s death. This isn’t normal, people don’t get worked up over such small things. Every time I go and do something, I’m calculating what’s going to happen and what I’m going to do next always planning and planning and planning. It’s drives me crazy that I can’t just stop and be, I’m always looking into the future planning what to do next. My mind is crazy. What do I do?

Philosophical question of the day: what really is time? Time is basically a man-made invention created for us to live an easier life. Time only gives us all a standard point to make meetings and plan our day (my favourite activity it seems). I’m finding it very hard to define time without saying the word time or day or hour etc. The dictionary definition is: “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.” This sounds extremely complicated. The truth is how can we really say what time is? Time is happening always and always will be happening. Does time exist? We say it does because we made it real, but is time an actual thing? And if it is, which we assume it is, how can we know if we are measuring it right? Time is just there to compare against others (like the time it takes it get somewhere). We rely so much on this time, more than most things in fact because it seems constant but is it? Does it fluctuate without us knowing? Time is too confusing and I’m not a physicist so anyone that is please explain this all to me please. I’ve confused myself with this question




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