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Can we have happiness without sadness?

This one is hard because the real question here is: are our emotions separate emotions or are they based on comparisons? I presume you can be happy without sadness but you wouldn’t know the feeling you experience is happiness, if that makes sense. Happiness is an elating feeling that makes you smile and laugh. So technically you could still be happy without sadness, however we wouldn’t be able to feel as much happiness, as we wouldn’t realise that there could be a different circumstance that causes sadness so we wouldn’t cherish happiness as much. Perhaps happiness would just become being content or something expected in everyday life. In conclusion, happiness would lose meaning but it could still exist. 

My lovely audience!! I hope you all feel accepted, loved and happy. Remember to be the awesome person that you are, no matter who that may be. Xoxo….Until next time.




5 thoughts on “QUESTION OF THE DAY

  1. If someone grows up in an environment that has no threats, danger or negativity, does that mean that they are unable to experience happiness?
    No, because “happiness” is the result of synapses reacting to chemicals in the brain that are released without conscious effort on behalf of the person experiencing the emotion.
    If the sight of the sun rising makes you feel happy, it’s just because a chemical reaction “turns on” your happiness receptors, there is nothing you can do to stop that from happening. Just because you haven’t experienced sadness or pain, that won’t affect those reactions.


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