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Nothing Lasts Forever and that’s Perfectly Alright..

A wise man once said, life is a series of partings and I couldn’t agree more.

Dear old friend,

I hope this finds you well wherever you are. I hope the you finally achieved what you’ve always been dreaming of, or at least you are close to that. This is to all my friends that i have lost over the years, those that left or those that we drifted apart, those who never did, those that we check in on each other once in a while and to those that your contacts are still on my phone and somehow i haven’t come around to deleting them yet.

There are times i sit and realize how strange it is that we don’t talk anymore, especially when i remember the good old times we had together. Sometimes, i see some really funny things that i want to share with you and laugh together but then i realize how strange it will be calling you. I walk past stores and hear someone laugh exactly like you but i turn and realize it’s all in my head. Some of you we knew we were never going to be in touch after high school. We knew this day will come but somehow we saved our goodbyes and hoped these days will never come. We made plans together even though we were aware that we wouldn’t last forever, we had dreams together, judged people together, shared secrets and whispered our good lucks into each others ears every once in a while. How did we end up here? When did we become totally strangers?

I am not one to whine or complain over the distance that is between us. Decisions had to be made, cities and countries had to be changed, and new friends had to be made. Those little decisions in life are the ones that caused the distance. We are in the same WhatsApp group (at least one of us had to make sure we keep tabs on each other), but that hasn’t helped much in the distance because all we do is send funny memes and jokes, laugh it out until the next joke is sent. Once in a while someone decides to update us on their whereabouts but that’s just it. Nobody cares to know where the other lives or what we have been up to. Only once in a while do we meet when one of our friend looses someone but again only a few of us show up. Now your lives are too foreign to me, the much i know is what you choose to share on social media but again i can’t go liking every photo of you because it isn’t funny anymore, it will creep you out. The gap is to big for anyone to bridge it, it is as if we burnt those bridges but i want all of you to know that i still think about you, thank you for the good and bad memories, i still smile at them, The times you stood up for me. The times we shared food, the pictures that we took together with the captions of how we’ll never, ever leave each other. thqq4q5qkh

To all my friends i lost along the way, i hope you get to read this, i hope your life is going as planned. I hope life gives you something to wake up for each morning and i hope it never disappoints. Know that i still care, no matter the distance, oceans, mountains and skies between us, i will always be here for you. No matter how strange we will be, whenever you need me i am not further than a phone call can reach. I know that we can’t keep everyone we meet in life and i will always think of you at the most random moments.

You taught me that nothing lasts forever and that is perfectly alright.

I have been completely at fault many times for not reaching out when I should have but just to let you know, I’ve learned my lesson.

And to the ones that I still have pictures of in my phone, I still ask about you from old friends.

So many I see from day-to-day, they look at me like they don’t know me. But I understand, life has a way of doing that to us. And I’ll still smile at you.

Thank you for everything and may God Bless you in all your endeavors.

I hope if nothing else you remember that i am always sending the most positive thoughts your way and will always be here for you. All of you.



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