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FACEBOOK SCAMS-fake fixed matches.

I was supposed to review my school notes for my end year exams today but there’s a more pressing issue.

I have noticed alot of scammers on Facebook who dwell in Macedonia and Greece posing as middlemen for the sales of acclaimed fixed matches.

There are so many of them on Facebook and I’ll tell you how they operate based on my research.

They start up by setting up a fan page on Facebook and start giving out free predictions with high odds while asking for likes and shares. Whenever a prediction is lost, they quickly remove the post from the page. After atleast three succesive wins based on analysis, they start to ask for a fee ranging from 50euros to 300euros per tip. Note that such matches have very high odds.

The next step is that they generate a fake betslip showing high odds and a large stake then cover the selection or placed bet selection with a piece paper or a black strip. Allowing you to see the amount staked, possible payout and odds of the day only. With such image uploaded on their Facebook page, they will keep advertising asking people to send a private message to buy the tips.

They usually demand that payment should be made via Western Union, Money Gramm or Paysafecard voucher. Some will ask you to pay 100euros before the game and another 100euros if the match is won. Some even go as far as telling you that some people refuse to pay the after fee while showing you fake screenshots of false conversations with previous clients just to lure you into trusting them. Note that such payment method have no dispute option for recalling funds.

When the match is played, 95% of the time the fixed match prediction is lost, notwithstanding these guys reveal the betslip only for you to see a different match which played out in accordance to the bet selection displayed on the fake betslip. What happens here is that they quickly edit the betslip and insert a fixture that played out well.

Most clients complain only to get ban from commenting on the page. If you are fast I’ll see bad comments about the previously failed arrangement before it gets deleted. I was opportuned to chat with various victims who told me they had been scammed more than once. They also revealed that they don’t get their money back from these scammers and if at all a free follow up match is even as compensation, the tips still get lost.

Here are a few of these fake fixed match pages on Facebook. Just do a search to find their pages so you can see for yourself.

UK fixed matches,
Fixed Match King,
London Fixed Matches,
Imperial bets,
Oddspower betting,
Makedonija tips,
Right tips, and so on. In short just search for fixed matches and you’ll see so many of them.

They are all scammers. So be wise.

You can make good profits from sports betting by yourself by doing a good analysis using sites like and which have a good statistical database that’s useful for fundamental and technical football analysis.

Committed to your success.

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One thought on “FACEBOOK SCAMS-fake fixed matches.

  1. Great advice, nearly fell victim to these myself. Trust your own instincts, if these guys made so much money why would they charge for tips. Bet on what you know, and I too use flash scores, great free app.


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