Every year there are new entries into the universities,colleges and other institutions of higher learning worldwide. This is where everyone has always wanted to be after the O levels and high school education. Only few get this chances and opportunities to join this campuses and colleges. It calls for good grades at high school level. Therefore it means one had to work extra hard to make up to campus entry. Having sleep free nights,taking shifts in the library is usually the order of the day for this elites. Herecometh your admission to your dream campus. The aftermath is story for another day but campus is just some other new world. You meet new friends,colleagues and lecturers. There are no written rules for anyone.  You are a free atom. You can move around and do whatever you want.Remember you are accountable for all your deeds during your academic period in campus.

Campus is meant to shape one for the near future but when I last carried a quick survey at 5 top ranked campuses around my locality that is not the case. Students have just been messed up by the so called freedom. They are no longer responsible, neither hardworking at class. They are just in a stupid mess. God forbid!