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Singles who claim to value intellect over looks are popping up on dating profiles from Tinder to OkCupid. But what does being a “sapiosexual” really mean?

You know what’s hot? Intelligence. “Brains are the new tits!” shouts a t-shirt slogan I saw recently. It also happens to appear on a facebook page . Because, yes, there is indeed a word for desiring smart people: sapiosexuality. And “sapiosexual” has become an increasingly common way of identifying oneself on dating sites and apps to emphasize intelligence as an essential criterion in what can often be a superficial, looks-obsessed world. Continue reading “BRAINS,THE NEW TITS”

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Safest bet-episode 3

Episode 3

Jambo. Picture a rock. A really steady rock. Got it? Yeah? That is the best explanation of how women see Maasai men. They are stable in every kind of way. You are not likely to find him practising twerkism with a 19 year old in Westlands on a Saturday night. Nor will he be hangover on Sunday morning when you want to go to church. He would rather have his whisky in the house and complain about politicians in the house with his friends on weekends. He won’t cheat on either unless….you don’t know how to milk a cow,then you are in trouble my friend. Continue reading “Safest bet-episode 3”

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Safest bet- episode 2

Episode 2

Hello internet people. Hope you doing happy you just checked in once again,welcome to today’s episode. Feel free to check my other episodes and weekly posts just on the sidebar under my recent posts. Remember also to share this piece with your friends on face-book,twitter and instagram just right below the article under the share buttons. Thanks again. On our today’s episode we will focus on our luo guys-GOR-MAHIA fans. Scroll down the piece and enjoy. Continue reading “Safest bet- episode 2”

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SAFEST BET-episode 1


Hi fans. First,allow me apologise. Been away for what you will call years but its been a week or so. Once again sorry. I know you just missed my piece. Am here for you forever. Welcome to The Bizchair Square,where you call home.

Guess you realize most of my posts and articles are factual and more informative. Am not in any business of fiction…I do no movies…I don’t know a thing about the latest movie neither any series in the streets. Storytelling session can be done best by the 20th century folks. Am here to let you know and get informed of what I refer to..#basics of life. You ready? Let’s go!

For the last one week or so, I have been down with wedding fever. Guess that’s why I couldn’t show up. I keep googling funniest and finest wedding dances of all time and watching all wedding shows on my black and white vitro flat screen just to have my dream wedding…the wedding that would never be. I also been looking through my friends’ wedding photos like am some weird ring thirsty basic. If my future wife is reading this ,just know I gotchu! I have already planned in my mind. Now we just have to meet. Soon.

A few days of wedding fever I realised,a wedding=marriage=being with someone forever. Just a simple equation. Mathsphobics forgive my ass. Fever cured. Continue reading “SAFEST BET-episode 1”