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I’m laying in bed thinking that maybe all we want is what we can’t have, no matter how big or small. We want something and then when we have it we forget about it because it’s just another part of our lives. We can’t cherish everything we have because we’d spend our whole lives cherishing what we have and never wanting to aspire to more. We’d lose ambition. But when does ambition turn into greediness? When is wanting more okay and when is it shamed upon?

Are rich people greedy because they can afford to actually have the things they want instead of pining after what they want in hope that one day they will have it? I don’t understand where the barrier is. I have a great life but at the same time it’s completely messed up and imperfect and I want something better for myself. Is that ambitious or greedy? Continue reading “EXAMS N BLABBERRING..”