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It’s time for a throw back!! *moonwalks into post* It’s been 5 days since I splashed my crazy on the World Wide Web ..5 days; wow. I was meant to make this post on Wednsday.. but I was robbed of my time at gunpoint by this thief Procrastination. Anyway its Thursday..Throwback theme…  I am here now and let’s go back in time, shall we?

Remember a time when we had VCRs not Blu Ray and VCDs that had part A and B,and cassettes were rewinded using Biro pens? You remember?  If you don’t, you are too young son! I saw a picture on someone’s Instagram that made me so nostalgic of these simple times and I decided to go through these memories. Plus the news about the launch of kid’s condoms in Kenya , really broke my heart . Kids’ condoms, what an oxymoron. Continue reading “tIMELINE oF A 90s cHILD”

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It’s happened again. That black hole that encompasses you fully and shakes you about whilst you cry and scream for help has returned. It’s sad really, that we can’t be happy all the time but that is reality. And yes, reality is a bitch. I don’t know why it’s here but it is and sometimes it feels okay and the black hole shrinks into a tiny spot that hurts just now and again, but then it grows, mainly at night, and you can’t ignore it, all you can do is cry and hurt until it shrinks enough for you to live your normal life. That black hole lives within many of us and it grows and shrinks with us. Maybe we control the black hole but maybe we don’t. It’s easier to think we control it but when it’s screaming at you it doesn’t feel that way. Continue reading “the BLACK HOLE IS BACK…”

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Can we have happiness without sadness?

This one is hard because the real question here is: are our emotions separate emotions or are they based on comparisons? I presume you can be happy without sadness but you wouldn’t know the feeling you experience is happiness, if that makes sense. Happiness is an elating feeling that makes you smile and laugh. So technically you could still be happy without sadness, however we wouldn’t be able to feel as much happiness, as we wouldn’t realise that there could be a different circumstance that causes sadness so we wouldn’t cherish happiness as much. Perhaps happiness would just become being content or something expected in everyday life. In conclusion, happiness would lose meaning but it could still exist.  Continue reading “QUESTION OF THE DAY”

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oH how life changes…..

Throughout my short-lived life I have come to observe the world as a kind world full of cruel souls. You see, there will always be good and always be bad, but we don’t always see it. A bully doesn’t see how cruel he is and a monk doesn’t view himself as especially kind. I see myself as a cruel, selfish being. Sometimes it’s hard to be nice and sometimes it’s hard to be selfless. Continue reading “oH how life changes…..”

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Pretending gives me temporary comfort and happiness. Like a child, really. They pretend they’re a princess or a superhero because that would be the best alternative to them. But me, I pretend I’m not going to get hurt, I pretend I’m normal, I pretend my future is bright and I’m going to be and do whatever I want. Why? Because for a second it’s nice to think that maybe I’ll be okay, that maybe I believe it and I’m not really pretending anymore. But the reality is that the pretending will stop one day, reality will hit me in the face and I’ll crumble into little pieces. I’m okay in pretending for now.

I’m happy in the little make-believe world in my head and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. The world is a brutal place and escapism is the only way I’ll survive. What brought this on is my girlfriend. Continue reading “PRETENDING AND SUICIDE….”